Wasps and Flies Around

Wasp, bee mandala
Wasp, bee mandala

I have been working with Mandalas for a few years now and still find them intriguing. I have a curious feeling about the solar eclipse this August. I created a few eclipse designs in my recent art. The beauty of the human form still occupies much of my art but I have been searching for different meanings to convey.


This month I introduced some of humankind's most dangerous or annoying living creatures into the mandala art. Mosquitos, spiders, wasps and flies. I recently read "The number one killer of man is the mosquito. Mosquitos kill over one million people per year world-wide. Of 207 million cases of Malaria in 2012, there have been 627,000 deaths from Malaria, alone. In fact, mosquitos have killed more people than all the wars in all of history. https://www.mosquitocurtains.com/history-of-mosquitos/#.WZYGZq2ZMUE.


I am contemplating the juxtaposition of these creatures with the human form. After all, many including the mosquito have been with us our entire existence. Some have beenfound in amber fossils as old as 30 million years.




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