Experiments with the Harlequin Project

Harlequin Photoshoot

This project began after I saw a brightly painted set of columns with the harlequin design on our return trip from Virginia. They were positioned at the entrance to a farmer's driveway in a rural area far from any larger city. They seemed superfluous to the surroundings but in the early morning light they glowed with energy.


With the help of Joji, we painted 250 diamonds in three days for the scene and were up photographing two days later. I loved the unexpected energy created from the precise areas where the diamond shapes touched each other.


In the shoot we reinacted our version of the Italian Commedia dell'art where the Italian performance group were expelled from France in 1697 for satirizing King Louis XIV's second wife Madame de Maintenon. The Harlequin actor was free to express many "insults" or responses.


We added some all white columns with illuminated tops to break up the intensity of the overall patterns. Sometimes these diminished the overall effect, so we had to be careful not to place the columns where they looked out of place.

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