Mirror Hall

The concept behind this project was to consider how light and shadow create multiple images from clear mirror and semi reflective mylar materials. Another underlying notion is imagining the model's movement through time. 


As the model moves into the Mirror Hall, her reflection is cast upon on fixed and suspended mirrors. Subsequently, at the speed of light (300,000 meters per second) her image would be projected onto the next reflective material. And so forth back and forth to each wall and each of the 44 double sided mirrors. A hypothetical video camera capable of catching these successively appearing images one-by-one on each reflective surface would inform the viewer with multi-directional images. Each surface would be "alive" with it's own life form in its own moment of "Now". Movement of the round mirrors and the human form would greatly increase the interrelated locational complexity.


A deconstruction of the human form is the apparent outcome in these images. I wanted the viewer to consider how the human form could be observed by taking away the typical split second perception people make when they see an image of someone.

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