Hoops in Translation



For years I have been studying mandalas and geometric symmetries. Think about the many circular shapes you see every day. From automobile wheels, steering wheels, clock faces to the rim of your coffee mug. Even your own eyes. This summer I gave myself the task of designing 3-dimensional, circular hoops to explore how these forms intersect with one another to define new spaces. My experiment resulted in a study of the interplay of the hoops with shapes in the environment and with the human form.


One of my first discoveries was how infrequently I observed the “perfect” circle. Taken from multiple vantage points, most views resulted in elliptical shapes. These hoops were designed to freely pivot and intersect into countless configurations. By rolling and rotating the hoops against a fixed background, the camera captured blurred movement through temporal space. Light and shadow complimented the interplay of form and shape. Introducing a human body to my photo composition produced a variety of shapes, but also added contextual meaning. 


The hoops provided “framing” for the background and created a separate focus which delineated the outer background from the external hoop edges, drawing the viewer into the “eye” of my composition.

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