Posts tagged with "Dreamscapes"

13. January 2017
This year I am continuing my exploration of creating dreamscapes with photography. I hope to create more mood pieces from my collection of water and atmospheric images.

11. August 2015
This photomontage piece was created from images of a sculpture I made last year. I continue to be fascinated by reflective surfaces and projected images. The original piece moved on three separate axis and I wanted to retain some of the sense of movement with the light reflecting. The title of this piece is a reaction to a critic who commented on my sculpture.

06. December 2014
This video explores one’s perception of time relative to events, emotions and memories. It uses the various states of water, wind and nature to tell the story. Time and how we measure our moments is more than the mechanical devices or electronic timers we respond to daily. What happens in one special moment lives on through out our lives while another moment of the same duration is barely noticed. Enjoy my four minute video and tell me if you found it memorable. Click on the "HD" in the video...

19. May 2014
Two of my Dreamscape series art pieces are being installed in a private home in Sedona, Arizona. I revised "Control Room Aftermath" to meet the new dimentions of 72" wide and added new forms and colors. "Rain Palace Drop" was also resized to reach 72" high. Both pieces will certainly create a mood in their respective rooms.

01. February 2014
A new addition to my Dreamscapes category. I have been experimenting with different narratives that draw the viewer into the art work. This piece "Once Upon a Path" relates to the decisions we have to make at times in our lives and how we go into the challenge. How hungry is the tiger? Where will the path lead us? What are the dreams we have forsaken or never realized? The questions still continue.

03. January 2014
I have been acutely aware of the trees this Winter, especially the delecate patterns against the sky. This piece is a collage of images from trees and wood faces. The "Looney" character you see in the image is from an antique chair. Can you find the water?