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14. November 2016
A recent study incorporating elements into the mandala series.

11. May 2016
This is one of a series of mandalas using the human form. In this version I have introduced shadows as part of the design. I photographed the model with two light sources and created overlapping shadows. I wanted the shadows to have more life by fading the forms from dark to "light" and overlapping the model's arm at one point. Adding color in my mandalas is a balance between depicting the human form in a more natural color or blending the coloration to bring out the design.

11. August 2015
This photomontage piece was created from images of a sculpture I made last year. I continue to be fascinated by reflective surfaces and projected images. The original piece moved on three separate axis and I wanted to retain some of the sense of movement with the light reflecting. The title of this piece is a reaction to a critic who commented on my sculpture.

18. February 2013
This is a new piece in an on-going study of wraiths or spirit type beings that visit an altered reality. Take away a few captured moments and life looks ordinary (if ordinary really exists). The beauty of the captured moment is that more than one event is manifest. From the juxtaposition of the multiple moments, one might find a story that enlarges the moment.