Squaring the Circle Sculpture

Squaring the Circle


Take a few minutes and journey through a video of my Cyclometer Sculpture. This "Squaring the Circle" Sculpture has been two years in design and construction. The parts have been assembled from many sources. The cyclometer is also a form of a time machine. The central clock faces spin at infrequent intervals with one sixes and sevens face passing through the center of the outer clock face. The time pieces have no hands, only the hand of the person operating the cyclometer. 


The four squares can also represent the four sides of a pyramid as they form to make one square and then separate to form four equal squares. As each square moves into its own Apothem it expands in three dimensions. The ancient Egyptians built Cheops, the largest pyramid with an angle of ascension of 51 degrees 50 seconds. Thus the combined area of each of the four sides is the same area as the base. 



Here is an earlier "work in progress" image of the sculpture in one of the prototype testings

I had the pleasure of climbing into Cheops pyramid in 1978 and meditating by myself in the Pharaoh's chamber. My purpose then was to absrorb any energy I might experience while in this dark chamber. The only sound was the hum from a single florescent bulb used to illuminate the small stone room.

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