Superabundant Frozen Food
Dreamscapes · 04. March 2024
Superabundant Frozen Food Isle Only moments after my eyes were dilated at the optometrist’s office, I rushed to the frozen food isle at Meijers to bathe in the multitudes of star bursts and glaring lights. My eyes feasted on the billions of misdirected photons ricocheting off icy glassed doors and silvery frames. I savored the intensified light show slowing my pace to absorb each assaulting glint, glitter, sheen, aurora, sparkle and radio active incandescent. The polished floor inflamed with flo

Poetic Roundabout
Kinetic Art · 18. February 2024
Spinners on this kinetic art initiate a poem generator capable of displaying 32 separate poems. The lower construction features a dial pointing to an alphabet of typewriter keys.

Go boldly into that good night
Dreamscapes · 16. February 2023
Moving into and through a night portal. A mirror hall guides the traveler from a distant shoreline.

Lens Aberrations in an Icy Cavern
Dreamscapes · 11. December 2022
I saw something in the lenses accumulating in my peculiar collection. Assembled in a row they guard the entrance to an icy cavern. Sometimes things small and ordinary become huge and overwhelming. Walk among the distortions and see if you can find yourself.

Expanding Cosmos in Half a Box
Kinetic Art · 19. November 2022
So I said to myself “You need to expand your universe”. Heck I need to create my universe....

Snake in the Grass
Kinetic Art · 17. August 2022
Snakes transpose on multiple realities. Beginning with the decapitation of the smaller snake.

Baade's Window Gimbal
Kinetic Art · 24. June 2022
Just completed another kinetic sculpture named Cosmic Clamshell Gimbal. This is number 6 in a series. Pictures show front and back view with almost innumerable options of faces and spacial orientation. The concept I am working with invites the viewer to move the various pieces of the art in an arrangement to their liking.

Mirror Box Gimbal
Kinetic Art · 21. February 2022
This is my fifth gimbal art inspired by the story of Plato's Cave. There are two realities depicted by two paintings. One painting is hidden on the backside of the visible painting and can only be seen in small segments when one is gazing into the spaces between the circular panels.

Sweet's Juncture
Dreamscapes · 22. March 2018
Two worlds revealed in a bursting sky. Sound waves broadcasting the news with out words.

Show at Art Castle in Delaware, Ohio
New Symmetry · 30. November 2017
Tim Bachman Mandala Exhibit at the The Arts Castle The show is on now through January 12, 2018. The Arts Castle is exhibiting over 35 of my mandala art and nine kinetic sculptures.

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