Superabundant Frozen Food
Dreamscapes · 04. March 2024
Superabundant Frozen Food Isle Only moments after my eyes were dilated at the optometrist’s office, I rushed to the frozen food isle at Meijers to bathe in the multitudes of star bursts and glaring lights. My eyes feasted on the billions of misdirected photons ricocheting off icy glassed doors and silvery frames. I savored the intensified light show slowing my pace to absorb each assaulting glint, glitter, sheen, aurora, sparkle and radio active incandescent. The polished floor inflamed with flo

Go boldly into that good night
Dreamscapes · 16. February 2023
Moving into and through a night portal. A mirror hall guides the traveler from a distant shoreline.

Lens Aberrations in an Icy Cavern
Dreamscapes · 11. December 2022
I saw something in the lenses accumulating in my peculiar collection. Assembled in a row they guard the entrance to an icy cavern. Sometimes things small and ordinary become huge and overwhelming. Walk among the distortions and see if you can find yourself.

Sweet's Juncture
Dreamscapes · 22. March 2018
Two worlds revealed in a bursting sky. Sound waves broadcasting the news with out words.

Dreamscapes · 18. February 2016
This year's photographic theme is focusing on unfocused atmospheres. Following our journey through New Mexico last month and a surreal drive through pogonip (a form of freezing fog). This ancient train caboose is moving into a distant past.

Dreamscapes · 06. December 2014
This video explores one’s perception of time relative to events, emotions and memories. It uses the various states of water, wind and nature to tell the story. Time and how we measure our moments is more than the mechanical devices or electronic timers we respond to daily. What happens in one special moment lives on through out our lives while another moment of the same duration is barely noticed. Enjoy my four minute video and tell me if you found it memorable. Click on the "HD" in the video...

Dreamscapes · 19. May 2014
Two of my Dreamscape series art pieces are being installed in a private home in Sedona, Arizona. I revised "Control Room Aftermath" to meet the new dimentions of 72" wide and added new forms and colors. "Rain Palace Drop" was also resized to reach 72" high. Both pieces will certainly create a mood in their respective rooms.

Dreamscapes · 20. March 2014
I have been inspired to think of new backgrounds with the new art classes and drawing events I have been taking or participating in this year. Check out my new Abstract Art and Dreamscapes for the latest art work.