Indecorous Melancholy
Dreamscapes · 22. March 2021
Several events collided in my life in these past few weeks. The image is a result of twisting opposite ends of an emotional jump rope.

Outward Forward into the Blue
Dreamscapes · 23. January 2021
This is part of a new experiment with multiple rotational geometric shapes in a controlled color palette.

Dreamscapes · 23. November 2020
A composite image of several body forms in motion.

Dreamscapes · 22. February 2020
Multiple infinities in a Hall of Mirrors. Using two reflective walls to contain the images.

Dreamscapes · 06. January 2019
We are experimenting with motion and movement captured in time sequences. Observe the movement on the back wall in blue light, shadows on the floor and the composite movement in the foreground.