About me- Timothy Bachman

Creativity has always been in my makeup. As an artist, designer and writer living in Hilliard, Ohio near Columbus I have enjoyed working in several creative fields. I earned a BFA from The Ohio State University.


I started and managed Bachman Design (ID), an environmental, graphic and branding design studio for three decades.My design firm has been recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in creative marketing, information graphics, fixture design and interior design.


 Nationally, I have been recognized for my fine artwork and photography, Recently, winning first and third place at Art at the Arnold. The Art Castle in Delaware, Ohio displayed my sculpture and mandala art in a recent exhibition focusing on mathematics and art.


I have served on the Advisory Board for the Design Management Institute in Boston, as past vice president for Columbus Society of Communicating Arts, and I have lectured nationally on design strategy.


Sailing, travel and hiking are my favorite physical activities. Currently I am fleet captain for Windmill Fleet 60 and past commodore for the Hoover Sailing Club in Westerville, Ohio. 


I have spent time practicing self-sufficient life styles and building homes, a geodesic dome and restoring a pre-civil war general store on the original Zane Trace and placing it on the National historic register. I have had the pleasure of traveling throughout Europe, Australia, South America, Africa and Indonesia. 


I am a veteran of the Ohio National Guard and was deployed for the April 1974 Xenia F5 tornado.


Tim's Artist Statement

With the marvelous invention of digital photography and software I am able to create a rich, visual storytelling with my photomontage art.


I choose human forms, landscapes and macro images from images I have taken over many decades. I delight in how the juxtaposition of an expressive human pose, a carefully placed source of light, or a simple color shift can re-script an image and convey a deeper meaning. Color, light, the scale of an image, all adds an additional dimension to express a feeling much like a musical score in a movie scene.


I am fascinated with symmetry and the pleasing compositions resulting from rotation, reflection and translation operations.My technique is to bring multiple images from diverse, unrelated photos into a composition that appears unique and compelling.