About me- Timothy Bachman

Creativity has always been in my makeup. As an artist, designer and poet living in Hilliard, Ohio near Columbus I have enjoyed working in several creative fields. I earned a BFA from The Ohio State University. I started and managed Bachman Design (ID), an environmental, graphic and branding design studio for over two decades.  Nationally, I have been recognized for both my fine artwork and major marketing, interior/fixture design achievements in the retail and banking industries.


I have served on the Advisory Board for the Design Management Institute in Boston, as past vice president for Columbus Society of Communicating Arts, and I have lectured nationally on design strategy. Sailing, travel and hiking are my favorite physical activities. Currently I am fleet captain for Windmill Fleet 60 and past commodore for the Hoover Sailing Club in Westerville, Ohio. 


I have spent time practicing self-sufficient life styles and building homes, a geodesic dome and restoring a pre-civil war general store on the original Zane Trace and placing it on the National historic register. I have had the pleasure of traveling throughout Europe, Australia, South America, Africa and Indonesia. 


Tim's Artist Statement

With the marvelous invention of digital photography and software I am able to create a rich, visual storytelling with my photomontage art.


I choose human forms, landscapes and macro images from images I have taken over many decades. I delight in how the juxtaposition of an expressive human pose, a carefully placed glint of light or a simple color shift can re-script an image and convey a deeper meaning. Color, light, the scale of an image, all adds an additional dimension to express a feeling much like a musical score in a movie scene.


Multiple image transparency brings together these diverse photos into a space where everything seems to coexist in a natural manner. Images emerge that are more light and transparency and less ponderous mass.