Broken Sunrise

An Image from our successful Crystal Cave photoshoot with @mclane.nagy.

Many thanks for the many hours building the set and the magical photoshoot experience.


Outward, Forward into the Blue

Experimenting with geometric shapes in rotation

in a controlled color palette.

Figures in Motion

This Image follows from a photo shoot with a very flexible Christina.

I saw the opportunity to blend several poses into a composition

that seemed to capture the movements of each pose.

Hoops Project

A cacophony of colored materials overlaid with the motion


Scenes from the Harlequin Photoshoot

Here are a few scenes from the Harlequin photoshoot.

We explored the geometry and reenacted a few

scenes from the 17th century Italian Commedia del'arte.

Mirror Hall

One scene from the Mirror Hall project where a very talented model McLane

moves through multiple layers of round mirror forms. Her shapes deconstruct

and are distorted by the subtle reflective surfaces on opposite walls.