Outward, Forward into the Blue

Experimenting with geometric shapes in rotation in a controlled color palette.

Mandala with sphere in rotation

This mandala is part of a series using a sphere as an additional element with the human form in rotation. Cool grays worked well with the human skin colors in this art. Experimenting with unsaturated colors in another mandala created a tonally different feeling.

Figures in Motion

This Image follows from a photo shoot with a very flexible Christina. I saw the opportunity to blend several poses into a composition that seemed to capture the movements of each pose.

Hoops Project

One of the experiments with the Hoops Project.
One of the experiments with the Hoops Project.

Scenes from the Harlequin Photoshoot

Here are a few scenes from the Harlequin photoshoot. We explored the geometry and reenacted a few scenes from the 17th century Italian Commedia del'arte.

Mirror Hall

One scene from the Mirror Hall project where a very talented model McLane moves through multiple layers of round mirror forms. Her shapes deconstruct and are distorted by the subtle reflective surfaces on opposite walls.