Dreamscape Sphinx

Enchanted Sphinx

This year I am continuing my exploration of creating dreamscapes with photography. I hope to create more mood pieces from my collection of water and atmospheric images.

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Female Figure Mandalas

Female Figure in Geometric Design

Interlacing Hoops

A recent study incorporating elements into the mandala series.

Hoops in Rotation

A more outward reaching version of the Hoops Mandalas. I like the delicacy of the hoops delicate colors.

Hands to Center

There a several internal designs that emerge from the shading of the light.

Dancing with Shadows

This is one of a series of mandalas using the human form. In this version I have introduced shadows as part of the design. I photographed the model with two light sources and created overlapping shadows. 

I wanted the shadows to have more life by fading the forms from dark to "light" and overlapping the model's arm at one point.

Adding color in my mandalas is a balance between depicting the human form in a more natural color or blending the coloration to bring out the design.