Mirror Box Gimbal

Mirror Box Gimbal in position 3. A bottom lever moves the circles simultaneously into one of three positions. Mirror Box in position 1.

Mirror Box Gimbal close up view
Mirror Box Gimbal close up view

Gimbal Five


Fine art paintings and images are conventionally framed and presented on a wall in a two dimensional view. My creative work with gimbals offers the viewer multiple, dynamic views of my art from different angles while occupying the same frame or space. 


This is my fifth gimbal art construction. In this iteration I have painted art on opposite sides of the same gimbal panel. The first art is displayed facing outward and mounted to cover a mirror box. The viewer can never directly see the original art on the second panel. The second art is facing down to the reflective surfaces inside the box,. Similar to Plato’s Cave, confined viewers in a cave can only see the shadows of the real world. The reflection is an illusion where one could believe parts of the first panel painting’s circular separations are being reflected into the box. 


The art panel is physically divided concentrically into five circles and assembled to move off two fixed axises. A lever moves each circle apart simultaneously and bi-directionally into three distinct positions. The effect is to deconstruct the original flat art into three-dimensional displays with multiple views and reflections.

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