Poetic Roundabout

I wrote four poems each with three lines and five or six syllables.Turning the spinners aligns a new series of poetic lines to create a new poem. Adding the word "Colors" from the central position doubles the narration.  


The lower kinetic construction is a word generator. Turn the center dial and eight cardinal points align vowels and consonants from three sets of typewriter keys. Now the user can create their own poems using this method. Metal clips can be tilted to remind the author of what letters are being chosen.


The black piano keys are 100 year old ebony keys from a discarded piano. Arranged in sets of five, a musician conceivably can crate music to accompany each poem.


This art contrasts the fluidness of the finished poem as if the words were electrons in a probability haze. Each electron breaking away from the word generator to "locate" as meaning in a new poem.

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